U.S. Coast Guard and Rockwell Collins FlexForce drive exceptional sustainment performance

Problem: The U.S. Coast Guard was experiencing low reliability and high turnaround times on its HH-65, HC-130 and HU-25 avionics, leading to reduced spares availability. It typically operated with 100 to 150 back orders at any given time, which resulted in approximately 75 mission incapables annually.

Solution: Transition from a Firm Fixed Price contract to a Performance Based Agreement with FlexForce life cycle service solutions from Rockwell Collins.

FlexForce’s customized Performance Based Agreement for the Coast Guard includes spares management, logistical support, Field Service Engineering and component reliability improvements on Rockwell Collins’ comprehensive suite of displays, communication, surveillance, navigation and pilot control systems.

A dedicated logistics manager at Rockwell Collins provides equipment updates to the Coast Guard database in real time as repair work is completed. In addition, a dedicated program manager resolves issues, continually monitors equipment reliability and availability, pursues and identifies opportunities for improvement and acts as a single point of contact for Coast  Guard needs.

The Coast Guard’s Performance Based Agreement includes Field Service Engineering. A Rockwell Collins engineer travels to each Coast Guard location to provide flight line maintenance training. Another field service engineer at the customer’s facility in

Rockwell Collins holds semiannual program management reviews with the customer. These face-to-face discussions identify any issues for prompt resolution.


  • Aircraft on Ground went from 70 to zero annually. Operational units now have a full complement of shelf stock on hand.
  • Equipment back orders were virtually eliminated.
  • Mission incapables from back-ordered equipment were eliminated.
  • Average turnaround time went from more than 45 days to less than three days.
  • Average time to fill operational unit requisitions was less than two days.
  • Expensive “extraordinary repair actions” eliminated. Under this Performance Based Agreement, units are not excluded from the contracted repair price based on exclusionary component.
  • Guaranteed equipment availability increased to greater than 99 percent.
  • Reliability of repaired items is guaranteed.
  • Average cost per unit reduced.
  • Greater equipment visibility, down to the serial number.
  • Increased utilization of spares, resulting in cost savings for new avionics deployments.

Due to the program’s initial success, the Coast Guard expanded the original contract with Rockwell Collins to include support of 6,200 Line Replaceable Units on 213 aircraft at 27 locations, including 102 HH-65s, 42 MH-60Ts, 36 HC-144As and 33 HC-130s.

The flexibility and tailorability of FlexForce enable Rockwell Collins to modify the Coast Guard’s Performance Based Agreement throughout the life cycle as equipment and fleet composition changes. We continue to work closely with the Coast Guard to understand key priorities and unique requirements, achieving best fit and maximum value for the customer.

Story posted: April 3, 2012

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