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ARINC airport cybersecurity solutions

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Our cybersecurity team starts by conducting baseline assessments of all airport systems to understand and address weaknesses and vulnerabilities. We also address airport industry and country specific regulatory requirements by including compliance gap analysis. The full range of services includes external penetration testing, physical security assessment, application security assessment and configuration security assessment. 
For payment card industry data security standards (PCI DSS) we have developed scoping exercises to help airports assign responsibilities to entities for assessment. Interested airport organizations are interviewed to determine your compliance profile. Our subsequent report will include logical next steps for obtaining PCI DSS compliance.

Harden and secure

Leveraging extensive certification and training, our cybersecurity experts develop plans to deploy optimal solutions to meet each airport needs and budget. We consider incident response, disaster recovery and business continuity planning in each solution. Our comprehensive solutions leverage mature, proven commercial off the shelf (COTS) technologies with our own intellectual property. Each COTS product is isolated and hardened before being integrated into our solution. Each solution can be applied enterprise-wide or to an individual airport system and can feature:
  • Endpoint protections
  • Next-generation firewalls
  • Network intrusion detection and prevention
  • Anti-malware, whitelisting and trusted hardening techniques
  • Passive vulnerability scanning
  • Log and alarm forwarding to an airport command center, security information and event Management (SIEM) or a service provider, such as our Cybersecurity Operations Center (CSOC)

Cybersecurity Operations Center (CSOC)

The Rockwell Collins CSOC is connected to airport security information and event management (SIEM) services via our privately owned network, with a secure VPN tunnel. It is manned 24/7/365 by our cybersecurity experts, each possessing extensive certification and training. They perform the critical, yet time consuming tasks, of log analysis and alert monitoring. This enables airports to comply with PCI DSS requirements for log management, as well as business continuity planning while optimizing their return on investment.
When local support is needed, our ARINC Managed Services (AMS) team dispatches trained local technicians via performance based service level agreements (SLA).

Download CSOC for airports data sheet

Life cycle management

A key part of protecting airports against cyber attacks is keeping your cybersecurity systems up to date and performing optimally. Personnel resources, time and budget can quickly be consumed when developing the increasingly complex skill set needed to manage a cybersecurity system in house. A life-cycle management (LCM) solution is the most efficient and reliable way to help avoid disruptive cyber events and costly fines. 
Our LCM team consists of extensively trained cybersecurity personal and technicians. We monitor vulnerability publications from vendors and independent sources and use tools to identify needed patches in in all system components. We evaluate and validate all software patches on a recurring basis and provide regression and soak testing to identify and reduce impact to system performance. Our team also provides on-site support for vulnerability management, performance optimization, preventative maintenance, obsolescence management, change management and software updates and patches.

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