vMUSE™ Enterprise

Collins Aerospace’s ARINC vMUSE™ Enterprise is a revolutionary advancement in common-use passenger check-in that eliminates the need for servers, core computing space and costly technical manpower. Airlines and airports of any size now can launch check-in service in minutes—in the airport or at off-site locations—using only a PC, laptop or thin-client device; an existing printer; and a standard Internet connection.

ARINC vMUSE Enterprise combines the security and reliability of our MUSE platform with virtual technology, making passenger check-in service quicker, easier, more flexible and less costly. Using a standard Internet connection, Wi-Fi® service or broadband mobile card, ARINC vMUSE Enterprise connects check-in agents to Collins’ ARINC Global Processing Center, where they access a virtualized workstation. Agents enjoy the same response time, reliable access and secure transmission. Airlines and airports enjoy substantially reduced operating costs, headaches and hassles.

ARINC vMUSE Enterprise delivers the same big technology as full-size, server-based terminal operations without the time and expense required for traditional airport setup. To discover how much time and money your operation can save, let us customize an ARINC vMUSE Enterprise cost-savings solution for you.

Quick facts

  • Virtual check-in service built on the MUSE platform for airports and airlines of all sizes
  • Requires only a PC, laptop or thin-client device; existing printer; and standard Internet connection
  • Eliminates servers, core computing space and costly IT professionals
  • Fast setup, easy to use and portable
  • Ideal solution for remote or off-site locations
  • Big technology without the big price tag